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Firm, Nourishing deodorant balm

Vegan formulation. Fresh fragrance.
0% aluminium. 

Does not leave stains on clothes.

Deodorant balm with all-natural ingredients. 

The composition of high-quality plant and mineral components absorbs long-lasting sweat and neutralizes unpleasant odour formation. 

Does not clog pores. 

Nourishes and soothes even sensitive skin conditions.

Key ingredients:

Sodium bicarbonate - Well-tried home remedy, to fight against body odour. Regulates the skin's natural pH during sweating by neutralizing excess acids. This curbs the growth of bacteria that are responsible for unpleasant odours.

Coconut oil - The moisturizing coconut oil, which is obtained from copra - the nutrient tissue of the coconut, balances the pH value of the skin, has a mild cleansing effect, nourishes the skin and makes it supple.

Application:  Apply a small amount with your fingertips under the armpits and allow to absorb. Store at room temperature.